New Jersey Waterfowl Hunting


If you are interested in hunting waterfowl in New Jersey, then you've come to the right place!  Here are some details about our Waterfowl Hunts.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

• All of our waterfowl hunts are done over decoys, shots are from 5 yds to 40 yds.

• Snow goose hunts are over rags, silhouettes, and floaters. We hunt the water and fields let me know if you have limitations, snow goose hunting is work.

• Canada geese are over full body decoys and layout blinds we hunt New Jersey and Pennsylvania

• New Jersey Sea Duck hunts are over blocks with a 2 man banks layout boat and our 23' parker center console w/twin engines used as our tender boat.

• Our hunts are daybreak to dark.  We will do one hunting party per day so you have our full attention for the entire day or until you limit out on the target species.

• We charge $225.00 per day per man minimum of 2 hunters, maximum of 8.  We do offer discounts for groups over 5 hunters and tips are greatly appreciated.

hunt over Hammering Hank the Lab.  He is the brother to Tank, Lee and Tiffiney's dog "the Crush"

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