The waterfowl hunting season starts in September for resident canada geese, October with early teal and woodies.  Atlantic brant season starts in November and goes thru the second week in January.  Ducks are in from November thru 2nd week in January.  We start chasing snow geese in January and ends in April.

Recommended Gear to Bring:

Shotguns and Ammo

If you are like me, i will shoot the biggest gun allowed for waterfowl.  My choice is the 10 gauge, most of my clients are bringing 12 gauge 3" or 3 1/2" guns.  The choice is totally yours, i would recommend bb or 2 shot, as all of you know it must be steel.  Please do not sneak lead along.  I would definitly bring 3 1/2" for snow goose hunts.

Waterfowl calls

Please feel free to bring your calls.  It is your hunt and everyone needs to learn. 


I will supply layout blinds for field hunts, all of our water hunts are done out of boats or bank blinds.


I will supply all decoys needed for what ever species we have decided to chase.


Fins and Feathers Outfitters owns and operates a number of boats.  Our sea duck hunts are conducted with our 23 foot parker and we tow our banks 2 man revolution behind it.  Our hunt are in the ocean or the delaware bay for sea ducks. Our brant and duck hunts are done out of 18 foot grizzly or we have two 16 foot john boats.  We also have some beaver tail boats and jet sleds for layout hunting.  I will supply all life jackets and safety devices needed for each person on board.


Waterproof clothing is critical do to dogs, wind and water we will be getting DAMP.... I would recommend a waterproof outer jacket and a good pair of chest waders.  With this outfit we can hunt just about any of my spots or set ups.  If you do not have waders bring good quality boots and waterproof pants.  I will set you up some where fairly dry.  Duck hunting is a cold sport and you must stay warm.  My duck boat does have a heater for those frozen body parts.


I always have my dog with me to help me manage the birds on the water.  If you are interested in bringing your dog please let me know ahead of time.  The motels that i use do not allow dogs in the motel. So I will have to recommend some other hotels that charge for a dog.

Hunting Guides

I will be your primary guide, unless you have a larger party of 4 or more i will have at least one other guide helping me.  Let me know if you want us to clean birds.  There will be an additonal charge for bird cleaning.  Birds transported will need proper identification on them and one wing left attached to the breast.   we do not pluck birds.


Please bring your food and beverage to last your entire day.  I may provide some breakfast eggs and sausage if I weather permits.  Do not bring alcohol on hunting trips.

Hunting License

You must obtain a HIP number for NJ before hunting waterfowl. All hip numbers are handed out thru the states integrated electronic licensing system.  You can get your license and hip number at the same time by contacting or calling 1888 277 2015 or 1 800 wetlands, or going to a sporting goods store.  For my PA hunters coming down if you are near cabelas in hamburg they will sell you a NJ license. You must have a non resident 2 day small game hunting license, a hip number, non resident state stamp and federal duck stamp.  Your state stamp and federal stamp must be signed across the face of the stamp.  For all my hunters under 16 years of age you do not need a license, you must be with a guardian and license agent will give you a hip number id number good until your 16th birthday.