Well this hunted started with a 37" snowfall that pushed birds south.  We had not seen any birds in the area for 3 days when the winds picked up to 40 mph and blew snow everywhere.  It blew off the tops of some hills and all the snow piled up deep in the hollows.  I noticed some birds using one of the hill tops the day before season close.  I grabbed the ziess bino's and counted just shy of 400 birds on that field give or take 50.....

I called a few of the guys that work for me and told them to gather their stuff together and white snow suits, oh yea we need a snowmobile...  one of our guys got his sleds out filled gas tanks capped off the oil reservoirs and loaded them up in the trailer.  We got 3 jet sleds out and I told the boys we are going old school on these geese.  I pulled out 30 year old shell decoys and outlaw silohouettes.  Saturday morning found us hooking up the jet sleds to the snowmobile and loading up about 120 decoys.  Everything is set up and ready to hunt by 7am there was not a bird flying until 9:00am.  All the sudden we could hear the tell tale HONK and then all hell broke loose.  The first couple flocks we scratched out a few birds then a flock of 100 or so came in and ended the hunt, 9 birds in 20 minutes.  What a great hunt and a fantastic way to close out the season on a snowmobile hunt. 

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NJ Sea Duck Hunting is closing soon, come on down guys we are shooting birds and only have until

January 31 until the season closes.  Give us a call for some available dates with fins and feathers outfitters.



Having some great shoots weather permitting, check out our face book page for more photos.

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Some great field shooting on some Canadian Geese.  We set up at 3pm with a wind over our back shoulder and had the landing pocket 20 yrds out.  The geese came in over our right shoulder and slid right down the decoy string to the pocket 20 yard shots, 5 feet off the gound.  great hunt considering it only lasted 1 1/2 hours.

Good Shooting Boys

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Holy Crap can you laugh????!!??!?!?  If you said no you can not be part of this group from Raystown area.  These guys had such a good time they laughed the entire time.  One who will remain unnamed borrowed a pair of waders that will never be the same, ever, ever again.  i saw the bottom of the felt pads twice in one day, seems he likes to lay on his back in the mud, ALOT.... This group came with 5 guns and went home with 3 working guns. 

They did break in the new 2 man layout boat with a 28 bird shoot in 2 days.  Jim it was a ton of fun having your group down and we can not wait to see you all again next year.  Be sure to stop by the harrisburg show and visit our booth in February.

p.s. practice shooting claybirds from your back.  You guys spend more time in that position than upright. ha, ha

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NJ Shore Bird Charters

We have started taking some groups out to look at the shore birds, osprey, falcons and occasionally a bald eagle.  We did have a snowy owl in March.  The shore birds pile up along the coast of the Delaware Bay and eat horseshoe crab eggs that are very high in protein before their migration back north.  Charter our 23' parker center console for the 4 or 8 hour trips.  We can take up to 6 in a group at a time.  We also offer a 18' flat bottom duck boat with grassy sides for a concelled view of birds.  we have great photo opportunities of green wing teal from this boat the end of march into april. 

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