July NJ Fishing Update 071517

Fins and Feathers Outfitters is catching small flounder in the coastal waterway.  A couple trips to the Delaware bay is producing some keeper flounder from the northern to middle bay area.  Sharks are here and it is shark week our trips are inshore for them and all catch and release.  No sharks will be brought on the boat..  Our ocean trips for flounder are slow however they are starting to show up on the reefs in small numbers.

come on down and lets go fishing.....

Master Captain Jim Weiser



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Fins and Feathers Outfitters Updates

May is loaded with giant BLUE FISH in NJ.  We caught between 55 and 60 in 3 days of fishing.  These fish are averaging 7 to 12 pounds and are hungry.  We have been following them and hope they stick around for a few more weeks.  We all know they can vanish as fast as they showed up, but for know IT IS ON.....



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FINS AND FEATHERS OUTFITTERS, Avalon, NJ are booking trips for 2017, starting off with steelhead in NY March, April. Stripers in April, Black Drum in May, Flounder May, June, July, August, September, Tuna and Dolphin in July and August weather permitting, and lets not leave out sharks, sea bass, croakers and sea trout in the summer months.  Give us a call, lets go FISHING...


Just spent a few days in NY and the salmon river is running almost 1800 cfs at almar and alot faster downstream, water temp is 39 degrees and running fast.  If you are wader fishing please be safe, it would be better to hire a drift boat and cover some ground.  the fish are scattered and the stream was dirty but water is clearing.  Pink and chartrous are the colors of choice, PLEASE BE SAFE.  We are booking trips for stripers and black drums on the delaware bay, come on down....

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June Fishing Report 2017

Fins and Feathers Outfitters has had a great end of May and June this year.  Our Black Drum fishing on the delaware bay good, the season was over in a blink of an eye but while they were here they were thick.  Nothing beats a clam, fish finder rig and dead sticking them.  Flounder season started out ok with a few fish per trip but the ratio of keeper fish was higher than last year.  The flounder are in the inner coastal waterway this time of year do to the water temps.  Fish a minnow on a dropper rig with a 36 inch leader, a few were caught on gulp bait on a small bucktail.

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Replacing steering cables on a boat can be easy or very complicated.  I have a Center Console, dual engine boat that was starting to steer a little stiff.  When this begins to happen I personally replace my steering cable.  Yes, you can lubricate it but we use our boats 12 months out of the year and if the steering is stiff in the summer it will stick in the winter.  If you can get the numbers off of the cable it will make life easier for ordering a replacment.  However, as in our case the numbers were worn off and were not legable.  When you measure for the replacement, measure from the center line of the controlling motor to the starbard or port side of the hull which ever side your cable is running to, add 6" to this dimension, measure from that point directly up the gunwale to the center line of the steering wheel, add 6".  Then take your final measurement from the gunwale to the center of the steering wheel and add 6".  Add all these numbers up and round up to the next foot.  If your cable runs in conduit under the deck make sure that you allow for this extra length.  My actual measurements came up to a 17 foot cable.  However, I had two feet of turns under the deck that I did not allow for, crap..... So I also ordered a new helm and replaced that, problem number two>>>>  to remove a steering wheel most of the time you take the center cap off the the steering wheel and loosen the center nut to the top of the shaft and smack with a hammer while pulling up on the wheel.  When it doesn't come off you have to make a run to the auto parts store and buy a wheel puller.  YES I DID...  Anyway, like i said it could be a quick and easy job or things can get complicated, trust me they usually will get complicated.

Do it now, the fish are about to run.  Come on down and lets go fishin...

Master Captain Jim

Fins and Feathers Outfitters

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June 2016 fins and feathers outfitters

Flounder fishing in the intercoastal waterway in NJ is picking up.  Our trips this past week are picking fish with alot of throw backs.  There was a couple sea trout tossed into the mix of flounder and dog fish sharks.  We are running trips for sharks and flounder in the delaware bay.  A trip to the ocean showed no fish but we saw bunkers by the thousands.  We saw one nice shark following behind but lost sight of it before live lining a bunker to him.  Give us a call for available dates.

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