what part of jersey do you hunt and fishBarneget Bay and South.  We chase the birds from NY line south thru Jersey.  We field hunt until the birds hit Barnegate Bay.  We will do all of our hunting from Barnegate to Cape May by boat.  We are running a 23' Parker with twin outboards, 18' duck boat, 16' jon boat, and a 2 man banks layout boat.  we also do hunts from beavertail layout boats.  We hunt over large spreads of decoys.   Come spend a day and collect some birds for your collection.  We are very good with novice hunters so don't worry about that, our layout boat allows father and sons to hunt side by side.

All fishing trips are done in South Jersey from Atlantic City to Cape May. 

We start by chasing stripers in the Delaware Bay in the Spring usually around the end of March.  We run them thru May when we will start with the Black Drum.  Black drum are usually here from first full moon in May thru June.   The flounder fish the Delaware Bay and Ocean from June thru September.  The flounder fishing is bottom fishing and we will catch croakers and Sea Trout the same time we do flounder.  We do run offshore in July and August for Dolphin and Tuna weather permitting.  October is for sea bass or we will run fly fishing trips in NY for Salmon and Steelhead.  Then we make a full circle back to south Jersey in November for the stripers.  We will do a couple of cast and blast trips in November and early December, be sure to ask about a fishing and hunting trip combo, this is usually over a two or three day period.

We are fishing out of a 23' parker center console with twin mercury outboards.  So we do have to watch the weather, However we can keep the cost lower do to the smaller faster boats.

Come spend a day on the water with us at Fins and Feathers Outfitters, it sure beats a day a work.....