Holy Crap can you laugh????!!??!?!?  If you said no you can not be part of this group from Raystown area.  These guys had such a good time they laughed the entire time.  One who will remain unnamed borrowed a pair of waders that will never be the same, ever, ever again.  i saw the bottom of the felt pads twice in one day, seems he likes to lay on his back in the mud, ALOT.... This group came with 5 guns and went home with 3 working guns. 

They did break in the new 2 man layout boat with a 28 bird shoot in 2 days.  Jim it was a ton of fun having your group down and we can not wait to see you all again next year.  Be sure to stop by the harrisburg show and visit our booth in February.

p.s. practice shooting claybirds from your back.  You guys spend more time in that position than upright. ha, ha